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Spawn Creek fencing and restoration
Spawn Creek fencing and restoration project

Embrace-A-Stream - Pilot Peak ProjectPilot peak trout

Pilot Peak Project, cooperative with UDWR, US FWS (NV), Great Basin Chapter, Utah Council, BLM, and Doudy's Pilot Peak Ranch with emphasis on restoration of Lahontan cutthroat trout (LCT). The project assists the State and Federal agencies in implementation of the Lahontan Cutthroat Recovery Plan in the Lahontan Basin, NV/CA. In 2004, the cooperators maintained the 3-brood ponds and spawned about 20 LCT obtaining approximately 30,000 eggs in April for rearing in Lahontan National Fish Hatchery, Gardnerville, NV. The US FWS provided the South Tahoe Chapter (TU-CA) with 9,000 eggs for use in streamside incubators to start a reintroduction program for LCT in waters flowing into Fallen Leaf Lake, above Lake Tahoe, historic habitat for the LCT that at one time "ran" the entire distance downstream into Pyramid Lake. The "hatching boxes" were monitored by the TU chapter and cooperative with students from the science program of the South Tahoe High School, South Lake Tahoe, CA. Continued monitoring and spawning of the LCT is planned again for April 2005. The Great Basin Chapter (NV/UT, Baker, NV) continues to be the TU lead for this EAS project.

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